This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache River - Found a Bug

Found a Bug?

If you think you've found a problem with Apache River you can search JIRA, our issue-tracking system, to see if the problem has already been noted (visit JIRA). If the issue is not listed there, you can add a new JIRA issue describing it, please include detailed steps to reproduce the problem. Often it is best to raise an issue not yet listed in JIRA first on the River Developer mailing list (see Mailing Lists) before adding it directly in JIRA.

If you have a fix for the issue, you can generate a patch file to send the fix to us. You need to check out the current source code from Subversion, make the necessary changes, and then do a full build. And, of course, confirm that the problem is actually fixed. Then, go to the base directory of your RIVER checkout, and to generate a patch file run a command like:

svn diff > fix-for-my-bug.patch

To submit a patch, create an issue in JIRA that describes the problem, and add your patch file as an attachment. Please include detailed steps to reproduce the problem in the issue description, and a test case in the patch where possible.

Thanks for interest, and working with us to improve Apache River!