This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache River - Building a release

Building a release major release

n.m n = major release number, m = minor release number

KEYS file

Add your key to the KEYS file in the repo

Checkout The Source

svn checkout river

Pre release checks

Gather Release Notes From Jira

First manage the versions of River using Jira. Make sure there is an appropriate release that Jira issues are have been assigned to. You can then view the Roadmap screen in Jira to create the release and make sure that the correct Jira issues are associated to it.

Move the Jira issues around appropriately, especially if you're releasing before all the issues have been resolves. In this case, you need to postpone the remaining issues until a later release.

You can then use Jira to generate the release notes. This is done Road Map --> Release --> Summary --> Release Notes (next to "Filters").

The release notes need to be pasted into;


Update Version Numbers

There are version numbers in the following places that need to be updated with the new release number/name.

In the above HTML page, there is also a section on "changes by component" which should also be updated. This should be easy to do by referring to the Jira-generated release notes.

Branch the repository

svn cp$VERSION

Tag the repository

svn cp$VERSION

Build the release products

ant -Dversion=$VERSION clean release

Rat Reports


Sign the release

Test the release

cp dist/apache-river-$VERSION.tar.gz $SOMEWHERE_ELSE
tar xvf apache-river-$VERSION.tar.gz
cd apache-river-$VERSION
ant build

Upload the release

scp RAT*
cd dist
scp *

Allow the community to evaluate the release products

* announce availability of candidate on river-dev.
* start [VOTE] thread. 

Publish release on website