The people listed below are the set of committers to the Apache River project. They have all made significant contributions over time to Jini technology and the Jini Community.

If you would like to contribute to Apache River, please engage on the mailing lists.

If you would like to become a committer, please see the Get Involved page.

Name Organization
Jonathan Costers
Chris Dolan
Peter Firmstone
Tom Hobbs TRH Tech Services Ltd
Jim Hurley
Sim IJskes QCG
Peter Jones
Brian Murphy
Dennis Reedy Asarian Technologies LLC
Robert Resendes
Patricia Shanahan
Greg Trasuk StratusCom Manufacturing Systems
Jim Waldo
Jukka Zitting
Bharath Kumar
Zsolt Kúti



The chair of the Apache River PMC is Peter Firmstone.


Emeritus committers

Name Organization
Bob Scheifler Sun Microsystems
Fred Oliver Sun Microsystems
Geir Magnusson Jr
Nigel Daley
Juan Ramirez Sun Microsystems
Bill Venners Artima, Inc.
Mark Brouwer
John McClain Sun Microsystems
Frank Barnaby Sun Microsystems
Vinod Johnson Sun Microsystems
Ron Mann Sun Microsystems

Incubator mentors

Niclas Hedhman
Jukka Zitting
Benson Margulies
Phil Steitz
Gianugo Rabellino