Apache River 2.2.3 Released - February 21, 2016

Apache River 2.2.3 is a maintenance release based on the Apache River 2.2. branch. It removes the Activation subsystem, which was largely unused, and support for JRMP under the Java Extensible Remote Invocation subsystem. The Java Remote Method Protocol is obsolete in the context of JERI. It was previously included to allow compatibility with Jini 1.0 services and clients. The transition to Jini 2.0 should be complete by now.

River-Examples v1.0 Released - Aug 10, 2015

The quickest way to experience River/Jini is to download the river-examples source distribution. Read the "README.md" file at the root of the distribution. The tutorial included will step you through building and running the service browser, service registrar, hello-world service and hello-world client, along with a Java EE6/JSF/CDI-based hello-world client.

Note: Since the Apache River binaries are available through Maven Central, you don't need to build the main River distribution from source.

Download the examples from:
River Examples

Apache River 2.2.2 Released - November 18, 2013

Apache River 2.2.2 is a maintenance release based on the Apache River 2.2 branch, primarily with fixes that add support for JMX entries and publish additional artifacts to the Maven repository.

Release Notes - River - Version River_2.2.2


RIVER-423 - Add JSR 160 classes to project

RIVER-424 - jsk-policy.jar is not published to Maven Central

RIVER-425 - JDK7 update 21 onwards causes test suite to fail.

Apache River 2.2.1 Released

Release 2.2.1 is a maintenance release, aimed primarily at fixing issues caused by changes to the JDK7 runtime libraries.

Release Notes - River - Version River_2.2.1


RIVER-149 - net.jini.export.ServerContext spec shouldn't rely on the system classloader

RIVER-416 - The com.sun.jini.logging.Levels class produces a RuntimeException with the latest version of Java

RIVER-417 - com.sun.jini.outrigger.FastList fails to compile using Java 7


RIVER-317 - Deploy Apache River artifacts to Maven repositories (both release and snapshot)

@Beta annotation added

In order to allow new features in a mature codebase like Apache River, features that might change slightly in later releases, the committers team has added the @Beta annotation.

River updated to allow deployment with java webstart

River has been updated, to allow deployment with webstart. The same change allows to change the classloading behaviour in other runtime environments like the netbeans platform. A new release is beeing prepared. See: RiverClassLoaderSpi

Netbeans configuration updated to 7.2

The Netbeans configuration files, for building River in your IDE, have been updated to Netbeans version 7.2. See: building River

Apache River Welcomes Back|New Members

The River PMC is very pleased to welcome two additions to the PMC. One new member and one returning emeriti. Check the mail archive for details.

Apache River 2.2.0 Released

After much hard work the River community has released the latest version, 2.2.0. Take a look at the release notes to find out what's new and what bugs have been fixed.

River Graduates

Following the recent vote by the Apache board, River is now an official Top Level Project. Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard on River (and Jini!) over many years to reach these lofty heights.

Now we need a major push to move our infrastructure out of the Incubator.

Generics in Java Spaces?

Follow and participate in the vibrant debate on java spaces persistence storage, the challenges of fixing bugs in a multi version compatibility environment, the adoption of generics, by subscribing to river-dev.

To see the full discussion, go to the archive: mail-archives.apache.org

Apache River graduation

After years of hard work, the contributions of many finally pay off. The River graduation is currently under vote in the IPMC.

Apache River 2.1.2 Incubation Release

After successfully passing the vote request, the latest Apache River Incubation Release is available for download.

Vote for Apache River 2.1.2 Incubation Release

After much preparation and many improvements to the source build process and testing, the Apache River 2.1.2 incubation release candidate is available for preview at http://people.apache.org/~peter_firmstone/

Feel free to join in and assist by installing and checking our release candidate or participate in Apache River development.

Project Vote approves v2.1.1 incubating Release Candidate

The first project release (v2.1.1 incubating) from the River project has been approved by the River Community.

Here are the Vote Results

Next step is to get Apache Incubator approval for the release.

Status update

River is starting to gain some momentum and is seeing increasing activity on it's developer mailing list. Lots of code and ideas are being thrown around with some interesting discussions and some great code being produced. Add a new Apache Mentor into the mix and the project is starting to look like it could shape up for graduation soon...

Recent River events include:

  • River 2.1.2 has been released
  • New CodebaseAccessClassLoader and associated changes submitted to svn (Thanks to Gregg Wonderly)
  • New StreamServiceRegistrar Interface and other additions proposed and submitted to svn
  • New ConcurrentDyamicPolicyProvider in svn

New functionality and fixes in the pipeline include:

  • New RevokeablePolicy in svn
  • New Groovy Configuration System (Thanks to Dennis Reedy)
  • Fully functional ConcurrentDynamicPolicyProvider
  • Fully functional RevokeablePolicy
  • A StreamServiceRegistrar implementation

Future Roadmap:

  • Integrate Jini Surrogate Architecture.
  • Apache River - Java CDC support for dynamic code downloading and Jini Services utilising a subset of Jini's API.
  • Apache River 2.2.0 Release, Scheduled for December.
  • Better "Getting starting" documentation for new River developers
  • Better resources for users of River (Thanks to Tim Blackman for Jini-in-a-Jar donation)

River is actively looking for people who can help with the following areas: