Package net.jini.url.httpmd

Provides support for the HTTPMD URL protocol.


Class Summary
Handler A stream handler for URLs with the HTTPMD protocol.
HttpmdIntegrityVerifier Integrity verifier for HTTPMD URLs.
HttpmdUtil Provides utility methods for creating and using HTTPMD URLs.

Exception Summary
WrongMessageDigestException Thrown when the message digest for data retrieved from an HTTPMD URL does not match the value specified in the URL.

Package net.jini.url.httpmd Description

Provides support for the HTTPMD URL protocol.

HTTPMD URLs provide a way to insure the integrity of data retrieved from an HTTP URL. The HTTPMD URL includes a message digest for the data to be retrieved from the URL. The URL input stream insures that the data has the correct message digest when the end of file for the stream is reached.

The Handler class defines a stream handler for HTTPMD URLs. You can specify that this class be used for HTTPMD URLs by setting the "java.protocol.handler.pkgs" system property to "net.jini.url". See URL.URL(java.lang.String, java.lang.String, int, java.lang.String) for more details on specifying a URL stream protocol handler.

The HttpmdIntegrityVerifier class defines an integrity verifier for HTTPMD URLs. This class is intended to be specified in a resource to configure the operation of Security.verifyCodebaseIntegrity.

The HttpmdUtil class provides utility methods for computing the message digest of data specified by a URL and for computing HTTPMD URLs for use in codebases.